Apr. 15th, 2010

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It's time to pare the zine collection down some more, so other people can enjoy these. This is an extensive list, but it still seemed easier to stick it all in one post than to split it out and spam the hell out of people.

Prices do not include postage; add $3 for the first zine and $1 per additional zine for shipping within the US. I'll ship anywhere, but will need to figure postage for anywhere else. Zines are in good (minor wear) to excellent (like new) condition, unless otherwise indicated. All of these are coming from a non-smoking home with a cat.

I'll accept Paypal (credit cards okay) or a money order. Please don't send any money until you've confirmed your order with me, to make sure the zines you want are still available.

Comment here or send email directly to nocturnish at gmail dot com if you want any of these. If you want more info about something I'll do my best, but it's been a long time since I've read some of these, so I may not remember plot details, etc.

Airwolf )

Blake's 7 )

Due South )

Highlander )

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues )

Ladyhawke )

Man from UNCLE )

Professionals )

Quantum Leap )

Robin of Sherwood )

The Sentinel )

Starsky & Hutch )

Star Trek: TOS )

Star Wars (original trilogy) )

X-Files )

Multi-Media )

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