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No vid comments in this section, just more social stuff!

Friday Dinner
I came out of the Nearly New vid show, and was swooped upon, and dragged off to dinner almost instantly, by [livejournal.com profile] sherrold and [livejournal.com profile] merryish and Thing 1 and others. Back to House of Meat, which, basically, was just the most convenient place for us, all weekend. If you got there fast enough, that is, which we managed to do on Friday night. We ate like wild, ravening things, and chatted about many, many things, and once again, it's largely hazy.

It's been pointed out to me that dinner Thursday was with [livejournal.com profile] thevetia and [livejournal.com profile] klia and [livejournal.com profile] keiko_kirin and [livejournal.com profile] terrio. And I KNEW THIS. I DID. It's not like I've been waiting to go to dinner with them for two years, or anything! We did much of the SG chatting, and such. There was also discussion of the cruelly, horribly, cancelled Touching Evil, and the bitterness. This really was a show that had just hit it's stride, in my opinion, and how the hell are we ever going to get new shows if nothing is allowed to survive that it's a smash hit in the first 3 episodes?

Also, [livejournal.com profile] melina123 swung past us at one point early on, and flung Tubey "God is in the Tub" buttons at us! And I got the prize button, with "You have been Philiminated!" on it! (For those of you who stare blankly... The Amazing Race really is a fantastic show, even if it *is* Reality TV. And they have the cutest host).

So then we rushed back from dinner to change. Or at least, I did, and Shoshanna did. [livejournal.com profile] merryish and Thing 1 were all with the scoffing. Yes, they were. But I had brought my black dress all the way there, and I was gonna wear it, damnit. And Shoshanna had blue velour.

We went over to the alcove, to start with the cocktail hour, and check the arriving fans out. And man, the outfits this year outstripped last year's famed sparkly pants pretty damn fast. There were people far, far braver than I could ever be, with the boots, and the Cher outfits, and the cleavage, and some cool glittery stuff. Thing 1 sized this up and said "fiiine" and went back and changed. Merry hunted down the glitter, and applied it liberally.

I'm always amazed the hotel doesn't come and complain, we're so loud in that little alcove, but it was fine. Shortly before 8pm, when the doors opened to the dance floor, we went back to our room, to arm ourselves with... GLOW STICKS.

Last year, at the Dead Dog, someone in the audience came up with the genius suggestion that we have glow sticks at the dance, the next time around. So, around six months ago, this was brought back up as a topic. I'm not sure how, but I volunteered to search for glow sticks. I found a guy selling them on ebay, and tracked back to his website: http://www.glow-fun.com , and ordered a 100 to test out. It was pretty clear to me pretty quickly that this was the right way to go. Glow sticks RULED. [livejournal.com profile] astolat was all "that sounds good. We'll order 100 or 200 for the dance."

Then, we started using the glow sticks. Thing 1 and I, that is. We'd break them out to test them. We'd break them out while vidding. We'd break them out to walk dark place. Pretty soon, we had the habit. We'd get stuck on part of a vid, and shout "QUICK! MORE GLOW STICKS!" We had to order more glow sticks. We got the shakes when we ran low. We went to shalott and said "I don't think you understand. 200... isn't going to be enough." She was all "Fine, 300," and we were all "No. Really. More glowsticks." In the end, the con ordered 700. We looked at that and thought. "Well, I suppose that's fine for the *rest* of them, but... maybe we should bring our *own* supply of glow sticks." So we did. 200, to be exact, packed in our luggage. *cough*.

Let this be a warning to you about the danger of glowstick addiction.

Anyway, we went back to our room, and broke out... many, many glow sticks, so as not to complete deplete the con's supply. I spiced up my black dress with a glow stick loop-belt. We went back and danced like crazy people, amidst the many other crazy people. I hear the bartender sucked like anything, so I'm just as happy I stuck with beer.

I'm going to need to wait til the playlist for Club Vivid goes up before I can comment on anything viewed there.

We crashed, late, and Merry snored and snored and snored, and I kicked her a lot as a result. But it was totally deserved.

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