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So, a good three hours ago, I looked up to see what my cat was freaking out about and thought to myself: 'Oh. A squirrel. In my living room. DEAR LORD LET ME BE ASLEEP AND DREAMING AND FOR THIS TO NOT BE REALLY HAPPENING.' )
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When in doubt, with nothing really interesting to post about, pictures of cats can never truly fail you, can they?

Here is Kiera. Kiera could eat you and spit your bones out, and don't you forget it. Also, do not mess with Kiera's purple bear!

Man. Kiera is an African Serval, apparently. The photos were taken by the next door neighbor camera enthusiast. I particularly like this shot, for the whole "gravity? what is this gravity you speak of?" aspect.

On the tech front, I'm finally trying to pry some of my loyalties away from Opera, and try out some of the other non-IE browsers out there a little more. I've had Firefox on the computer a while, but mostly ignore it. Gmail changed that, since Opera has no support for ActiveX whatsoever, and can't be accessed through Opera. So, I've been trolling through the extensions and themes, to see what nifty things Firefox/Mozilla has to offer me, and came across one I think is useful even for non-Firefox users: BugMeNot.

This website is for all of you who like to read articles on news websites, but who don't want to have to give out personal information or register with 20 different sites in order to read an article. BugMeNot.com keeps a database of usernames and passwords for the different sites out there. Just go to the website, type in the url of the place you want to get into (ie: nytimes.com, washingtonpost.com, etc.) and it'll tell you a username and password to use. Or, if you have the extension installed on Firefox, just go to the page, right mouse click, click on BugMeNot, and it'll pop up a window with the info for you.

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