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On August 7, 2007, everything changed.

To commemorate the occasion, we've remastered our Odyssey 5 vid, Haunted, with DVD source. We've also put up some notes about it, for anyone who's interested, linked on our main vids page.


Haunted 2007, large version 45.5 MB

Haunted 2007, small version, 12.2 MB

Both are XVID. Please right mouse click and choose "save" rather than streaming.

If you want to point people to the downloads, please link to http://trickster.org/vids, not directly to the vids themselves.

(edited to correct the imeem version URL, to link to the remaster with fixed aspect ratio)

Now on our website or here!

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Aug. 28th, 2003 02:03 pm
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Thing 1 and I are slow and slower, and taking our own sweet time writing up our VividCon Con reports (Okay, I'm taking my own sweet time, Thing 1 is actually writing some kind of dissertation on the Con, complete with footnotes), but in the meantime, we've finally put up the two vids we premiered at the con this year.

Haunted -- Odyssey 5 -- Seah (Thing 2) and Margie (Thing 1)

and IBS -- Stargate -- Margie

Vids by Seah and Margie
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So, have I mentioned recently that the Dead Zone Recapper SUCKS? And should be sent back for remedial recapping training? Oh, I have? Well, it just can't damn well be said enough. This morning, Thing 1 sent me an email that basically said "Well, this week's DZ recap is up, and it basically sucks, but there's a good line toward the end of it." So, I went and read the recap. Or, I tried. But, there's only so many times you can read "And then Johnny did this. And then Johnny said that," before your brain glazes over. If there's a good line in there, I couldn't find it. My bitterness over this crappy treatment of a very good show just grows and grows.

In other news, I hate Showtime. This last year, in their efforts to replace what had been their keystone show for a very long time (Stargate SG1) Showtime came out with Odyssey 5. Odyssey 5 is all the things you can't do in a show destined for syndication -- cursing, violence, nudity, and sex all over. And it's a surprisingly great show, that approximately, 2.3 people besides myself and Thing 1 were watching. So they cancelled it, of course.

But. They've still got six, count them, six unaired episodes. Complete, in the can, ready to be shown. And in fact, they have been shown, in Europe. Just not here. I knew there were some remaining episodes out there, but it only recently came to my attention that even though there are no plans to show them here, ever, they are in fact being shown elsewhere. And then I made the mistake, the terrible mistake, of reading some of the synopsis for said missing episodes on epguides.com. And now I'm ripping my hair out. For six months now, I've been harassing Thing 1 that we need to do an O5 vid. "Let's vid it!" I shout. "We can find those 2.3 other fans to watch it! Who cares if the rest of the world didn't notice it existed?" And. There are six episodes out there, and I need them. Surely there must be some altruistic European fan with perfect SP copies in NTSC who would like to send us their tapes, so we aren't left forever dangling over the cliff that was that fourteenth episode, wondering what the hell happened next, and wondering if the absolute perfect footage was in those final few eps...

Not to mention if I go ahead with this vid, some of the only people who would care about watching it will probably be those European fans who saw the entire season, and wonder what the hell I was thinking in my interpretation of the show, since they got to see how the damn season ended, and I have no idea what happens next....

Bitter. Very, very bitter.

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