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So, if you had an account on trickster, now is the time to email me with:

1) your username
2) your password
3) whatever your url was, trickster.org/something

things are going sloooowly, but they are at least going!
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Well, as feared, Trickster has imploded. I was hoping it would hold on until after the holidays, when I would have more time, and more importantly, the people around me would have more time, to see what could be done with it, but it's just sitting there like a lump at the moment, refusing even to reboot.

Those of you with email on Trickster, please contact me by email. I'm setting up redirects for the time being. I can be reached at my regular Trickster address, already redirected -- just send me an email telling me your address on trickster, and where you would like the email directed for the time being.

More information as it arrives, but honestly, this is poor timing, as it's right before the holiday weekend, and I can't say when that might be...
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Well, Trickster websites are back up, but things are sort of patched together with scotch tape. One of the partitions on the secondary drive did indeed fry, and is not repairable. Expect downtimes over the next week, as I need to replace the drive, or decide to remove it and relocate info, and try to recover as much data from it as possible before I do so.

BACKUPS! Do not forget to make full backups of your websites, if you have not already done so, in case of catastrophe! Another power failure at this point could cause permanent losses.
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Mass Electric continues its unbroken history of just pulling the plug on our power supply for maintenance whenever the hell it feels like it, without prior warning. Despite the fact that we're a business. Despite the fact that we're a an ISP. Despite the fact that they've got ten thousand screaming messages from us to NEVER DO THIS.

There's just nothing like showing up for work and finding fully half the servers dead. One of which, of course, is Trickster. I've got it back to the point where mail is working again, and user directories are not history, but it looks like the secondary drive may have actually fried, and I cannot get websites back up and running at this point.

Fuck Me, too.

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