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Aug. 28th, 2003 02:03 pm
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Thing 1 and I are slow and slower, and taking our own sweet time writing up our VividCon Con reports (Okay, I'm taking my own sweet time, Thing 1 is actually writing some kind of dissertation on the Con, complete with footnotes), but in the meantime, we've finally put up the two vids we premiered at the con this year.

Haunted -- Odyssey 5 -- Seah (Thing 2) and Margie (Thing 1)

and IBS -- Stargate -- Margie

Vids by Seah and Margie
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For one reason and another, I don't read much SG fic. Thing 2 managed to get me to read some the other day, though. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed this particular author.

The author?

Junior! Junior, the Mighty and Superior Symbiote.

The stories can all be found on Junior's Home Page, and they are well worth the read. So is everything else on that page, if you ask me. I get reminded about it about once a year, and just giggle my way through the whole thing.

Go, read.

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