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Do you ever get so far behind you're not sure how to get started again? I am there. And I don't know what the hell it is I'm spending all my time doing, considering I never seem to accomplish anything. And I'm there not just in every day stuff, but as a result, also in all things fannish. I keep meaning to post posts, and reply to posts, and write stories, and vid vids, and the like, and I look at my flist and think "answer that" and put it to the side, in the big pile o' things to think about how to reply to, and by the time I look up again, it's three weeks later, and I haven't sent the reply, or written the rec, or even just posted the chatty nonsensical boring-ass LJ post.

While my own lack of organization is much to blame, I would like to dole out some complaints in the direction of the Hollywood, as well, for getting down to business this year and utterly failing to put forward their usual craptastic crop of shows. Usually, if I am lucky, I get 1.5 good new shows a year. This year? We're *awash*.

This season is a freakish mystery of... good shows. Shows that are not just not bad, but really really good. Shows that totally should have sucked, and do not. I don't have time for this many good shows. I'm having to outright ignore the existence of some of them, and hope I'll be able to catch up later. In the distance, I can hear tzikeh howling "HOUSE! HOUSE!" like a wounded moose. At even closer quarters, Thing 1 stomps about muttering "AlanDenny! DennyAlan! Cigars! In! Ears!" and I just make the sign of the cross at her and throw SG eps in her path with sticky notes on them that say things like "not yet catalogued" to distract her. .

Random Spoilers will follow on shows I'm watching this season, up through everything actually aired on television. Veronica Mars, Medium, Battlestar Galactica, Crossing Jordan, Lost, etc. )

In short... I watch too much TV.

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