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The next post is a whole long thing on the Anime Vidshow, or Saturday Morning Cartoons, as it was named in the program. This was my show, and Murphy's Law not only came to visit, it set up house in a lawn chair with a bowl of popcorn and a can of soda and watched the goddamn vids *with* us. To say we had a few problems is an understatement.

I'm going to reproduce much of the handout from the anime show below, along with a little more information about the vids included in the show, and why they made the cut.

The genesis of the anime show )

Saturday Morning Disasters )

The Anime Vids )

The vids that *almost* made the cut )

Things you need to know about the AMV – Anime Music Video Archive )

Very Short Glossary of Anime Terms )

PatrickD's Ten Commandments )

Finally, a word about the vids in general. I put as much info into this as I did, because not one of these vidders was at the con, or, for that matter, knows their vids were used. There's really not a lot of overlap between live action and anime vidders right now, and I figured some thanks, and recognition was due for this amazing set of vids. Hopefully, this will generate some interest in the subject matter, and feedback for the vidders in question.

Also, thank you again to the audience, for being so patient and putting up with so much during the show itself.

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