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So. Angel last night. Wow. (Spoilers ahead for Apocalypse, Nowish)

My god that sucked. I mean, what a total suckfest. I don't know whether to bail completely from this horrorfest, or hold on to the hope that some of their shining good moments leave me with. But last night -- I don't even recognize those people.

Where to begin? I've hated this whole... I don't even know what to call it... thing... with Fred and Gunn since it began. They've both checked their brains at a restaurant and forgotten to pick them up again. They treat Wes like crap all summer, they run to him as though he owes them when they need help, and then they demand to know what the hell his problem is. Now on top of that, we've got Fred going 1) all smitten with him again. Or something and 2) stupidly holding her Professor's death against Gunn when that was what she wanted.. Geez, he kills for you, and you dump on him for it? You know, she didn't seem to have that much of a problem with calling Wesley bloodthirsty, and therefore a kindred spirit (yeah, right, whatever).

Gunn is the crappiest friend ever. Hey Gunn! Remember Wes? Your old best friend? The one you treat like dirt now, while you sulk about how no one respects you?

Wes -- even my love for this newer darker Wes doesn't help cover up the shudder that he's still so besotted with Fred... and willing to engage in a fantasy where Lilah looks like Fred. Ewww.

Cordy. There are no words. Maybe they partially lobotomized her up there, wherever she was. I mean, a couple months ago you were taking care of Connor as a baby, Cordy, remember that? And now you're having sex with him as, what, a consolation prize? "Too bad you got here just in time for the world to end, here's something to take with you!" This is the woman who hours before told Angel that she couldn't be with him because of the terrible things he had done (and I'm sorry, but if she could see what it felt like to be him, doing those terrible things, could she not also experience the misery that he put himself through for the next hundred years, the guilt that he wallowed in, over something that he did while not technically himself?), and now she's all about leaping into bed with a kid who felt no remorse over sinking his dad to the bottom of the ocean for eternity?

Only Angel came across as vaguely Angel-like during this episode, and that may be because he didn't actually get that much screen time.


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