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I have lost a glove. I have lost one of my *best*, my favorite, my black suede gloves. And while this may seem like a a small, minute, possibly trivial sort of thing, in the grander scheme of what-the-hell ever -- in the scheme of today, the first snowy day we've had this year, and in light of the fact that this pair of gloves may, in fact, have been the last intact pair of gloves I have, and I am now *gloveless*, well, except for my left hand, I am now extremely cranky and grumpy. More so than usual, is what I'm saying.

And I do not understand how it happened, at all. I put my gloves on, I went directly to the stationary store, I took my gloves off, I browsed, I went to make some purchases, and tried to put my gloves back on... and only one glove. I'm thinking, "don't panic, it has to be in the store." I scour the store. Three times! I ask at every desk if they have seen my gloves. One clerk is just stupid. The second refuses to look up from whatever he is reading. The third, unhelpfully, does not listen to my "I've only been in the store 20 minutes, it would have just shown up," and retreats to the back to return with a box of lost and found which is mostly full of socks. The fact that people are losing their socks in a stationary store disturbs me.

I roamed the store some more, but the glove was not there. I still don't see how this is possible. If Thing 1 were around, she'd have something entirely snarky to say on the subject of my ability to lose things, but she is NOT. She has gone on a hermit retreat. She took a stack of books, my entire first season CSI on dvd, said "Whatever you do, don't call me this week," and left. With Thing 1 out of the picture, there is no one to stop me from posting long, rambling, incoherent posts on the subject of gloves.

So what I need, are replacement gloves. What I'd *like*, are replacement glomitts. But very specific glomitts. Glomitts, as I found them named, after searching the web for information, are fingerless gloves that have a mitten attachment which you can pull up and over your fingers, to keep them warm when need be, but allow you more dexterity when you need to do things like deal with keys, etc. I have searched the web, high and low, yea, and found only really ugly glomitts, or uncomfortable glomitts, or glomitts which succeed in being both. Most are scratchy wool, or hideous colors. Why are there no soft, black, comfortable glomitts? Do they assume the kind of person who would seek the practicality of a glomitt would lack the fashion gene, or, say, the gene that stops you from scratching your skin off when in contact with wool? Are they named something else? My search for oddly named gloves brought me to the Smittens. Smittens scare me.

Has anyone seen, in their travels through the net, (or even the real world!), *comfortable*, nice looking glomitts, named thusly or otherwise? Fleece ones? ones made of colors other than oatmeal or camo or greeny grey?

Glomitts would be nice. My suede glove magically reappearing would be even nicer.

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