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The vids are *done*. Completed, outputted, and uploaded. I was all ready to be celebratory and relieved and instead, I find I'm still too wired and wound up and stressed to come to grips with the fact that I now have a good solid ten days or so to get things together and *not* vid, and just focus on finalizing things for the anime show and preparing for Vividcon.

I'd even been putting off posting in LJ until everything was complete, for fear of jinxing something. Everything and anything has hovered, menacingly, as a potential jinx. Using the computer for something other than vidding. Turning the computer off. *Looking* at the computer the wrong way. This was the result of the computer completely melting down, for a second time, about two weeks ago, leaving me weeping and cursing and gnashing my teeth and convinced there was no way we could recover in time to get our act together, considering how far behind we were (halfway through one vid and... next to nowhere on the other). People around me tried frantically to appease and soothe me (thanks guys!) while I completely lost it. There's just nothing quite like turning on your computer and seeing "No OS found" on a black screen...

So, we've done literally nothing but vid since then. Thing 1 has been here basically every other night for the last month, and we're both sick of each other, and I won't let her back in the house, and she won't return my calls. Except when I really shout at her answering machine.

So now.. the vids are done! And I think I will collapse into post-vid coma state. And as soon as we get *back* from the con, I'm reformatting that entire damn computer, and starting fresh.

Here's hoping everyone else is done and ready!!
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