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So, I was cruising along with con reports, and posts were piling up for me to reply to, and all was going well and... then I fell into a post-con coma. And I'm not sure I'm out of it yet, but I apologize to everyone I haven't replied to, and this is why some of you may be getting seriously late replies. My lack of sleep over the last month, and during the con, has now put me on a schedule that looks sort of like... wake at 11am. Stagger downstairs. Feed very angry cats. Stare at wall. Shower. Ponder napping. Fall asleep on the sofa while thinking about walking to the bed. Wake up and search for food. Remember huge list of things that need to be done. Check email. Another nap. And so on....

So. Onward!

The Hour After Anime - VividSection *and* Unexpected Levels

Because the Anime show ran over, I was late for the two possible shows that came after it -- VividSection, and Unexpected Levels. I needed to throw a few things in my room, and run around for a few minutes, and of course, VividSection had started on time. I tried to join it in progress, but the vid being discussed had been shown in the first few minutes of the panel, so I was fairly hopelessly lost in the discussion. This is a pity, since it seemed like the panel was going well, and offering a lot of helpful suggestions and insights. Also, props to [livejournal.com profile] jmtorres for having far more guts than I would have, in doing something like this.

I felt bad, but bailed out of the room after 15 minutes or so, in order to catch the end of Unexpected Levels. Arrived too late to see "When I was on Top of You" which I have heard about, but never seen, but in time for another showing of "All along the Watchtower", (YAY!!).

Schism - by Vrya -- here's another one that I'm seeking the url for. This is interesting, in that it was the first of two vids I saw this weekend that used the technique of repeating the same clips within the vid. But whereas the other "It's All Been Done Before" was used to humorous effect, and only repeated once, this was an extremely serious vid, and the repetition was used multiple time, in faster succession each time. This was an interesting new technique, and I feel like I need more than one viewing to get a grip on the choice of clips the vidder chose.

Failed Experiments in Video Editing by [livejournal.com profile] bigbigtruck - Yay! I made it to the show in time to see the reaction to this vid! It went over pretty huge, as well it should. I was familiar with it already -- I had seen it while mining the Anime Music Video Archive while searching for anime vids. For those of you who haven't seen it... go! watch! It's just so perfect. Every psychotic hilarious moment of it. Most of it is hand drawn by the vidder, with a few insertions of Cowboy Bebop characters, commenting on the vidders utter suckitude. (And who *hasn't* had their characters tell them exactly this, halfway through a vid?) Plus. "Totally Pretentious." And the little beret. And you know what? I thought the a capella with violence was turning out really well, and was sad when it stopped! Sigh. Fantastic vid.

Someone You Might Have Been by Lynn and [livejournal.com profile] sherrold -- I have commented on this vid previously, so, for the most part, I'll refer back to that post. I do think this was a good choice for the show, given that it works on both levels. The life he could have had, the lives he is experiencing.

Someone Keeps Moving My Chair by Carol S -- One I've seen before, still a lot of fun.

Are You Out There? by Rachel (I know she's online, but am unsure of the username) - This was an interesting one for me. Despite being a vid addict, I rarely watch them online. If I know they're going to debut at a convention I'll be at -- there's no chance at all. I'd much prefer my first viewing be on a big screen. I feel like I should be watching more vids online during the rest of the year, seeing as lately, I've only been getting to one con a year, but somehow... it just doesn't happen all that often. Are You Out There? was an exception to this. I saw it several months ago online and was blown away by it. In fact, I thought it was better than the movie itself, which moved waaaay too slowly for me in parts.

I was fascinated by how it changed for me, between those months of viewing, and seeing it on a large screen, rather than a very very small one. Clips that seemed extremely fast on the computer moved languidly on the big screen. I had much more time to digest and comprehend what I was seeing. Some of the frantic pacing was lost (I liked the frantic pacing, so for me, this wasn't necessarily a plus). I'm not sure whether the vid was really changed -- or I've changed. Certainly, this last year of vidding seems to have restructured my brain to some extent, so that I can see more than I ever expected when watching scenes and transitions now. But I'm not sure if that's what happened, or if the bigger screen just really lets you take in so much more that the same clips seem to give you more time to interpret them.

I still love this vid, but it did change it somewhat for me, to see it in the show.

It's still better than the movie.

She's Moved On by [livejournal.com profile] klia, [livejournal.com profile] keiko_kirin, and Lynn -- Still one of my old favorites. Part of what gets me about the song choice for this vid is the way at points, it feels like the different musicians were just sorta... doing there own thing. "Yeah, you're at this point in the music, I'm over here, let's just keep going, and see what happens" -- and it feels disjointed and a little out of sync and it still works. And that disjointedness works nicely given the subject of the vid, and fades as the song continues.

It's All Been Done by Alex - First time I've ever seen this vid, and it was a lot of fun! And of course, what kills me is... this isn't a new vid. This was made a long time ago when respectively? These clips hadn't been used all that much, before...

Next Up? The Premieres Show! More to follow....
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