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Yay, for two great things that will be *fantastic* together. I've known for over a year now that the next Miyazaki movie (Spirited Away, Totoro, etc.) was going be be based on a book by one of my favorite authors, Diana Wynne Jones (Howl's Moving Castle), but I keep forgetting, and remembering, and being thrilled all over again each time I remember. This week, I spotted a picture of the castle, and the fact that a very short trailer is online.

Links, and small spoilers )

Also on the anime front, Witch Hunter Robin (Cartoon Network, Adult Swim) is turning out to have been a good choice for the TiVo season pass. It was plodding along, practically enough, blah blah blah, a case an episode, introducing the characters -- and about 2-3 episodes ago, they'd decided they'd had *enough* of that, and got down to business. What a grim little universe! I have no idea what the hell is going on anymore. Much more enjoyable!

And on the... I can't figure out why I can't FIGURE THIS OUT, front... why the hell can't I find decent labelling software for my cds and dvds? I mean, it's reached the level of the absurd, and I'm really pretty good with computers, and I now have approximately 18,000 unlabelled round silvery objects and several dead sharpies. The CD Stomper label applier came with a version of Sure Thing which has a nice setup template all ready to go for the labels that came with it. But when I attempt to drag in an image, it screams about insufficient memory, and turning off placeholders. And I can see nothing. I bought some Avery labels, and that came with software... but not software which has a template for my stack of cd stomper labels, and the Avery labels were overly expensive shiny things, for a special occasion. I tried another version of Sure Thing. Didn't go so well. I tried multiple other programs. They either don't have the template, or won't drag in my images.

Can anyone recommend some damn software, already? I've got six different programs on my system at this point, and still, this huge, overflowing pile of unlabelled disks. It should not be this hard!

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