Nov. 16th, 2007

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*points to icon* This is Margie. :)

I meant to have all of this done weeks ago, but hey, better late than never.

Mostly this con report is a review of the vids that made it onto the VVC 2007 DVD set (four discs, omg), but I also wanted to touch on a few things from the con as well -- thus, "disc zero".

I was hoping to talk more about general panels and some of the specific vidshows, but it's three months after Vividcon already, and I wanted to at least get this posted while it's still 2007. (ahem.) But there are three things in particular I really wanted to get out there: Genealogy of Vidding, Vividsection, and the Town Hall on Vidding and Visibility.

First, though: the master list of links to playlists and panel notes from various attendees is here:

Okay, onward.

Geneaology of Vidding )

Vividsection )

Town Hall on Vidding and Visibility )


Still to come: discs one through four.

ETA - complete con report/vid reviews:

Disc Zero (at the con - Geneaology of Vidding, Vividsection, Town Hall on Vidding and Visibility)

Disc One (Premieres part 1; also premiering)

Disc Two (Premieres part 2; also premiering)

Disc Three (Club Vivid part 1)

Disc Four (Club Vivid part 2; Challenge Show)

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