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If it's August, it must be Vividcon. And that means a new vid from Flummery. \o/ As always, feedback/comments/crit of any sort are most welcome.

Title: I Lived
Song Artist: OneRepublic
Vidder: Flummery
Website: http://www.flummery.org
Fandom: MCU (Steve/Peggy)
Length: 03:38
Summary: Life goes on.

Also on AO3 and Tumblr! Reblogging is love <3

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Date: 2015-12-19 01:05 pm (UTC)
thingswithwings: Steve Rogers with his cowl off looking dirty and rueful (avengers - steve dirty and rueful)
From: [personal profile] thingswithwings
Somehow I missed this until now! Oh my gosh I love it so much. It's everything about their relationship and their determination that I love. That ending with Steve smiling and Peggy holding his hand because they're both living amazing lives even though they mostly missed each other . . . gorgeous. And the Sam/Steve and the Peggy/Angie!!! Amazing concept and beautifully executed. Will be rewatching this one a lot. <333

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