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The next post is a whole long thing on the Anime Vidshow, or Saturday Morning Cartoons, as it was named in the program. This was my show, and Murphy's Law not only came to visit, it set up house in a lawn chair with a bowl of popcorn and a can of soda and watched the goddamn vids *with* us. To say we had a few problems is an understatement.

I'm going to reproduce much of the handout from the anime show below, along with a little more information about the vids included in the show, and why they made the cut.

The genesis of the anime show )

Saturday Morning Disasters )

The Anime Vids )

The vids that *almost* made the cut )

Things you need to know about the AMV – Anime Music Video Archive )

Very Short Glossary of Anime Terms )

PatrickD's Ten Commandments )

Finally, a word about the vids in general. I put as much info into this as I did, because not one of these vidders was at the con, or, for that matter, knows their vids were used. There's really not a lot of overlap between live action and anime vidders right now, and I figured some thanks, and recognition was due for this amazing set of vids. Hopefully, this will generate some interest in the subject matter, and feedback for the vidders in question.

Also, thank you again to the audience, for being so patient and putting up with so much during the show itself.
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Comment: OMG, this is hard. So many vids to comment on. So little vocabulary, or ability to put thoughts into coherent form... Failing! To do vids! Justice! [/shatner]

Audio Rarities )

The Master Class )

Nearly New. Most of it, anyway. )
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I'll be trying to split these posts into sections, for those of you who are less interested in the social aspects, than just hearing about the vids. LJ cut tags will abound! Don't read if you don't want to be spoiled, and I'm going to be honest in my thoughts on the vids, so don't read if you don't want to hear it.

Thursday Arrival (blitherings about the trip, no vids mentioned here )

Next Up. Friday, and Shows! And, you know. Hopefully a post that's more interesting than this one.
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...that I can't even find the energy to watch this week's Stargate, which my TiVo has been protecting for me until my return. But it's a good tired! We're home safe from the con, I survived my brawl with the taxi driver (he tried to cheat me out of another $5, and I told him he could have his tip, or he could apply the amount to making up the 'fare.' His choice.), and my cat has stopped screaming at me and seems to be calming down a little bit about the trauma of it all.

I had an amazing time, and this year, I am committed to writing up con reports. Last year, it was this huge thing looming over me that I had to get just right, and the more I worked at it, the later it got, and the more pointless and hopeless it seemed. This year, I'm going to try and mix the experience with thoughts on the vids that struck me the most -- for good or for bad. This doesn't mean that I don't have thoughts on other vids that I'll want to post about, but some of them are definitely going to take multiple viewings to wrap my head around.

I'm thinking I'll do another post when the dvd arrives, where I go back and cover more vids, and maybe revise some impressions of vids I've already commented on. There was so much to watch, and one viewing often just can't do a vid justice, or be enough to comment coherently. In at least one instance -- the challenge show -- I found my interpretation of a vid to be about 180% degrees off from what the vidder had intended me to take away from it, and I think it was because I was focusing on the wrong things at the beginning. Definitely needed a second viewing.

Since this is my big con of the year, I will take my time a little bit though, and spread this out over several reports over the next few days.

I do regret, as always, the people I didn't get to see. I meant so much to meet more of the people from LJ this year, that I know only somewhat, or not at all, despite reading their ljs. But once again, things move so quickly, and get busy and crowded so fast, that you often end up with the people you already know, and by the end of the con feel like you were unintentionally insular. (Er. Not to say I didn't desperately want to see everyone I already know, just that I feel like somehow, you should be meeting *everyone*. And it's impossible, and just ends up with the Outback folks glaring at you when you try and get them to give you a table for 17.)

I'm hoping that next year's plan to include more info/lj stickers will help out in this respect. Squinting at people's con badges doesn't always help if you don't know their real name... And then of course, there are the times when you thing, "AH HA! SO AND SO! From LJ! Who I really wanted to meet!" and then you just stand there stupidly going "Er. Hello." without a clue what to say next...

Hope everyone is home safe and resting!

Work tomorrow. Have no idea how I'm going to drag my sorry self in and make myself focus...
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The vids are *done*. Completed, outputted, and uploaded. I was all ready to be celebratory and relieved and instead, I find I'm still too wired and wound up and stressed to come to grips with the fact that I now have a good solid ten days or so to get things together and *not* vid, and just focus on finalizing things for the anime show and preparing for Vividcon.

I'd even been putting off posting in LJ until everything was complete, for fear of jinxing something. Everything and anything has hovered, menacingly, as a potential jinx. Using the computer for something other than vidding. Turning the computer off. *Looking* at the computer the wrong way. This was the result of the computer completely melting down, for a second time, about two weeks ago, leaving me weeping and cursing and gnashing my teeth and convinced there was no way we could recover in time to get our act together, considering how far behind we were (halfway through one vid and... next to nowhere on the other). People around me tried frantically to appease and soothe me (thanks guys!) while I completely lost it. There's just nothing quite like turning on your computer and seeing "No OS found" on a black screen...

So, we've done literally nothing but vid since then. Thing 1 has been here basically every other night for the last month, and we're both sick of each other, and I won't let her back in the house, and she won't return my calls. Except when I really shout at her answering machine.

So now.. the vids are done! And I think I will collapse into post-vid coma state. And as soon as we get *back* from the con, I'm reformatting that entire damn computer, and starting fresh.

Here's hoping everyone else is done and ready!!
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HELP! I find myself unexpectedly doing an Anime Vidshow for Vividcon this year. Since, you know, technically the deadline for creating your show playlist is already several days in the past, I could use a little help. Also? Since I'm mainly a dabbler in anime, and anime vids, it would probably be for the best if some kind soul could stop me from making a fool of myself.

Actually, I've already got several brilliant ones lined up, but I do need more. Suggestions? I'm finding multi-fandom vids to be very common, so I'd particularly love ones that focus on a single show, but really, it's not necessary, I just need good anime vids, and a location to download them from!


Jan. 15th, 2004 08:21 pm
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PSA #1: The Less Than Legendary Journeys has moved! It can now be found at http://www.ltljverse.com

Go! Read!

PSA #2: Vividcon Registration has opened! Yay! I so need a Con! Who will be there? I should be allowed to require everyone I know, and want to meet, to be there. In a just world.

Of course, this also means we now have less than 8 months to get our act together and make a vid. Don't laugh. It's not enough time.

New Vids

Aug. 28th, 2003 02:03 pm
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Thing 1 and I are slow and slower, and taking our own sweet time writing up our VividCon Con reports (Okay, I'm taking my own sweet time, Thing 1 is actually writing some kind of dissertation on the Con, complete with footnotes), but in the meantime, we've finally put up the two vids we premiered at the con this year.

Haunted -- Odyssey 5 -- Seah (Thing 2) and Margie (Thing 1)

and IBS -- Stargate -- Margie

Vids by Seah and Margie
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This entry is backdated to reflect when the vids were actually made; we premiered them both at Vividcon 2002.

If we ever get season 2 Inivisible Man on DVD, or seasons 2-4 of Sentinel, we'll remaster these; we desperately want cleaner footage than these old VHS tapes. In the meantime, we've at least put up a larger version of each than we used to have, back in the days when 360x240 was *huge* and we figured no one would ever download something so gigantic. And we've added streaming versions on our website.

Title: Black Cat
Song artist: The Northern Pikes
Fandom: The Sentinel
Vidders: Seah & Margie
Website: http:flummery.org
Summary: Who says a black cat has to ruin your day?


Right-click to download the 640x480 divx version (36 MB).

See our website for smaller versions - scroll down toward the bottom.

Or watch the streaming version:

Title: Speed Racer
Song artist: Sponge
Fandom: Invisible Man
Vidder: Margie
Website: http:flummery.org
Summary: Bobby Hobbes!


right-click and save for the 640x480 divx version (13 MB).

See our website for smaller versions - scroll down to the bottom.

Or watch the streaming version:

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